Quick History of Women and Cannabis

Great article written by Taryn Hillin for Fusion on the ways women used pot throughout history. Some exceprts:

Tantric sex disciples drank pot ‘milkshakes.’

From about the seventh century onward, the use of cannabis became widespread in Indian tantric sex practices. Called Bhang, pot was often mixed with milk, water, and other spices into a kind of “marijuana milkshake,” which practitioners drank to enhance sexual pleasure. Pot is still considered an aphrodisiac today.


Women consumed pot to treat migraines.

In ninth-century Persia, the juice from cannabis seeds was mixed with herbs and used to treat migraines and other pain-related ailments. As recently as 1942, Morris Fishbein, then-editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, recommended cannabis drops specifically for migraines, especially for women about to get their period.

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