Historic CARERS Act Introduced by Bipartisan Senators

On March 10, 2015, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Cory Booker of New Jersey introduced a bill that could end the federal ban on medical marijuana. This Bill would “allow patients, doctors and businesses in states that have already passed medical-marijuana laws to participate in those programs without fear of federal prosecution,” according to a statement the three Senators released. The measure would also reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug instead of a Schedule I, which would make it easier for universities to conduct research on uses for marijuana without fear of prosecution.

“This bill we are introducing seeks to right decades of wrong and end unnecessary marijuana laws,” Booker said. “Our federal government has long overstepped the boundaries of common sense, fiscal prudence and compassion with its marijuana laws. These laws must change.”

Please take some time to watch the CARERS (Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States) Act of 2015 press conference below and endorse this important reform by emailing your own state Senators in support of this movement toward ending prohibition.