GREEN: A Marijuana Journal

Green: A Marijuana Journal is a first-of-its kind logbook we created for a new generation of cannabis connoisseurs.

There are now thousands of cannabis products and choosing – never mind remembering – the ones that work for you can be difficult. The GREEN Journal allows the momentarily forgetful to keep track of all the varieties of cannabis they’ve sampled and enjoyed. This handy journal features fill-in entry pages to record and refer back to the key notes and experiences about each session.


The fill-in journal pages allows anyone to quickly and easily record all vital information, tasting notes, and full experiences had with buds, concentrates, edibles, and beyond.


The GREEN Journal also features a primer on pot basics, top ten lists to inspire new experiences, and a run-down of essential cannabis connoisseur terms.


In the time it takes to puff, puff, pass, you’ll be able to jot down all your high-priority information in this invaluable journal for both recreational and medicinal users alike. Available now wherever books are sold or online at Amazon.